Underground Electronic Dog Fence

Oct 4th

Electronic Dog Fence is also known as hidden or invisible fences. This because they largely buried underground. A receiver is placed on your dog’s necklace. If your dog approaches too close the fence, he gets a shock to remind him if his limit is. Your veterinarian can also help you determine the correct shock level for the dog’s size, weight and health condition.


Determine the area you want surrounded by your underground Electronic Dog Fence. Some dog owners fought just in the backyard, to keep the dog away from people passing by. You must know where your plot is. Use shovel to slice into your lawn and create a space as narrow as possible for the wire to be pushed in. One saw will need to be used to cut through any cement boundary cross.

Place the power cord dog fence in the ditch and cover it with soil. Cover areas of concrete with dense. The dense should come just above the top of the cement to ensure that the wire is completely covered. Install the transmitter for the underground Electronic Dog Fence. The transmitter must be installed in a dry area, such as garage, and must be close to an electrical outlet. You may need to drill a hole through your garage wall into contact with the ends of buried barbed wire to the transmitter. The thread will be connected to the sockets on the bottom of the transmitter and then stapled into the wall. Mount the transmitter on the wall and plug it into power supply.

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