To Build a Dog Ramp for Stairs

Oct 5th

Some dogs need an extra help on the stairs and a ramp on these can be the right solution for an older canine, small dog or injured baby. Building a dog ramp for stairs for yourself will not only save you money. But you can also customize it to the size and decoration you prefer. To make it, starting with glue the piece of carpet to one side of the plywood board using the carpet glue and let it dry.

Step 2; make sure that the piece of 2 X 4 inches of wood and the strip of rubber mat are the same size. Both must have a length that matches the width of the wooden board. These pieces will form the “foot” of the dog ramp for stairs to prevent it from sliding at all. Glue the rubber strip with the piece of wood using the carpet rubber. Then, let this piece dry. Step 3; place the side of the carpet on the plywood and the rubber side on the wooden strip that faces down.

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Use the electric drill and screws to attach the rubber-coated wood strip to the carpeted plywood at a 45-degree angle. (So that it lies flat on the floor. While the rest of the dog ramp for stairs is tilted on the stairs). Adjust the ramp to the ladder and let your dog try it. Tips; when choosing the size of the wooden board, keep in mind that you must have the width of your stairs. As well as the proper width for your dog. (For example, a very small breed. Such as a Chihuahua may need only 12 inches in width, while a medium or large breed may need 24 inches).