The Benefits of Dog Cooling Bed

Oct 7th

Cooling beds are just one way to help your dog cool down and avoid dehydration or unnecessary heat stroke. There are many types of dog cooling bed to choose from based on the size of your dog. Where the bed will be kept and if you want it to be filled with water or gel. The gel cooling beds are comfortable. As they provide extra cushioning for your pet while they rest. However some dogs find the consistency of the gel under their body uncomfortable.

And some may even fear treading on the gel cooling bed. While they work pretty well, they do not cool as much as a waterbed. Water-cooled beds are also a great dog cooling bed option, since they can be easily put in the fridge or freezer (as can gel beds). They are also very tranquilizing for pets that have arthritis or operosis and have even been used after surgery. But once again, the movement of water can frighten some dogs while being stepped on or lying on it.

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The main benefit of a dog cooling bed is obviously to provide a cooler place to rest, but the medical benefits should not be overlooked. It takes only a few minutes for the health of an overheated dog to be harmful and can even result in death. Cooling beds are also a great treatment for any pain and swelling. Also elbow or hip dysplasia and it is also ideal for older dogs that suffer from arthritis. They can also help any irritation that can be caused by skin conditions as the bed cools down any irritated itchy skin.