Small Folding Dog Ramp

Oct 6th

Folding Dog Ramp – If Fido is too small, too old or suffering from a disability, he may need a ramp to get in and out of the car easier. Commercial ramps are generally too bulky to fit comfortably in the tailgate, and folding models can be expensive. Build it yourself; a small DIY folding dog ramp is easy to do. The materials cost less than $ 25, and the construction can be filled in a single afternoon.


Mark the BMC casting with a 2.5-meter spacer pen and cut it into four equal sized pieces. These are the sides of the Folding Dog Ramp. Attach the thick edge of the casting to the long side’s discs to form two flat U-shaped gutters with screws. Drill guide holes in the mold to ensure the screws go straight and avoid cracks in the wood.

Cut the mat width and 3 inches longer than the interior of the trough shaped ramp. Place the carpet so it is even with one end of the tray and stretches over the other. Use flat screws to secure the carpet to boards. Fold the extended mat underneath and secure it to the bottom; the uncarpeted end is too hinged. Position the hinge equivalences on the bottom (uncarpeted side) of the ramp bits so that the flat sides meet when folded. Mark the hinge’s places with a pencil. Screw the hinges to a piece of Folding Dog Ramp; make sure the other bit is in line with the first and screw the hinge into place.

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