Save Your Cat Christmas Tree

Oct 7th

Cat christmas tree – How many years have you spent, with your cat looking for your Christmas Tree is undeniable? Younger cats like to play with circles hanging on trees. Because they are shiny and attractive things they don’t see too often. What usually happens when your cat sees trinkets is that he will drop it and drop it. Then he grabs it and pulls jewelry from the tree. The chaos continues! If you have a large large tree, you can guarantee you have an excess of pine needles covering your carpet. Or if you have an artificial Christmas tree. Your cat may have moved a lower branch causing your Christmas lights and bouquets to hang trees.

The only way to stop your cat from causing destruction around the cat christmas tree is to use a barrier. Many people will use all kinds of things to try and stop the cat from near the tree. Some people will put a Christmas tree in children’s play pens. Others will recommend leaving orange peel around your tree I do not recommend this method because you can carve your floor. Or carpet if you are not careful especially because the fruit contains acid. I have found the best cats for all types of Christmas trees are home decorations. It’s true that cats don’t like the smell of oranges.

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That way the cat christmas tree will remain well decorated, and you have a cat barrier built. The ideal way to make it is to buy a large lemon, you will want to dry it as much as possible. Dry it in the oven at very low temperatures, you want to evaporate moisture in oranges and not orange. When oranges have dried up to a good level, you have to push the cloves around the orange, which covers as much skin as you can. Decide now how you will attach a ribbon, you can place the ribbon through orange and save it at the bottom with a circle at the top, or you can tie a ribbon like an orange wrapper.