Remarkable Ideas Underground Dog Fence

Oct 10th

Underground dog fence metal terminals of the corrector collar must be constantly touching the dog’s neck without being squeezed. Make sure the collar does not rotate around the neck. To test the proper fit you must be able to fit a finger between your dog’s neck and the contact points. A training collar that is too tight will lead to discomfort and injury. One that is too loose will cause the contact points not to perform the stimulation correctly.

Now that we are sure that our underground dog fence shepherd system is properly installed it is time to familiarize our dog with the perimeter bounded by the cable. The perimeter should be clearly marked with flags. Make sure your dog is comfortable with the flags that delimit the perimeter. At the end of each training session spend about five minutes playing in the vicinity of the flags to build confidence

Always celebrate the end of each training session with a positive interaction and a reward. Consider that you have to dedicate 3 to 10 sessions of 15 minutes on your first day. The goal of your first day of training for your dog is to understand that the flags signify boundaries and capture the idea that beeps are proximity alerts that can be followed by static correction. Check our underground dog fence image to inspire you!

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