Portable Dog Fence Ideas

Oct 4th

Portable Dog Fence – Installing a fence can add integrity and value to your home. Whether you install a wood, metal or PVC fence, the fence will rely on posts placed 6 to 8 feet apart for support. The poles should be secured to the ground with concrete, above a 6-inch layer of gravel. Before installing any posts, get an overview of your land to ensure that the fence is not installed on a neighbor’s property, which will create problems in future home sales.


Portable Dog Fence to Place a share in the ground in each corner of the area to be fenced. Run a string along the welded area, representing the outside of the fence. All posts should be installed inside this line. Determine the number of services that will be required for your fencing. Usually the wooden fence requires a post every 8 feet, while the PVC or vinyl fence requires a post to be placed every 6 meters. If you have any holes to dig, a manual Stolhole digger can work well;

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However, you may find it convenient to rent a gas-powered Portable Dog Fence digger from your local hardware store if you have many holes to dig. Keep in mind that gas powered Stoopball diggers require two people to work. Dig the first hole using Stoopball digger. Make sure the hole is straight. The hole should be 1/3 the length of the exposed part of the post, plus another 6 inches. For example, if you install a 6 meter high fence, the hole should be 2.5 feet deep. The diameter of the hole should be about twice the width of one side of the post that will be installed in the hole.