Orvis Toughchew vs. K9 Ballistic Kuranda Chew Proof Dog Bed

Oct 6th

As you can see from the list, it all boils down to three types of best chew proof dog bed bases. First, pillow-like bedding because they are simply the strongest material cushions and are difficult to chew, nor are the dogs drawn to chew on them a lot (such as K9 ballistics). Second, military level almost really indestructible bases of the dog with PVC support. Which are practically impossible to chew through, but with sacrificed comfort (like those of Kuranda).

Third, and the best of two worlds: a dog with a high level of comfort, chewing the test, a small cushion-like, but it really looks like a dog (like Orvis’s) with ‘single problem – its price. The main disadvantage of this Orvis chew proof dog bed base is its price. For $ 300, that takes serious consideration before jumping the gun. Especially considering that the basis of Kuranda (listed below dog) costs only a little over $ 100.

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Of course, you pay for the stellar reputation, the comfort of the bed and design, which is easily the best of the five beds in this list. Finally, the Orvis Tough chew proof dog bed base is also available in one size and one color. It is not a bad color. And the size is perfect for most dogs because the company chose a weakness there. However, it still does not fit all breeds and sizes of dogs.