Metal Dog Crate Best Treatments

Oct 6th

Metal Dog Crate – Dogs, by nature, keep their cages clean. However, after a while, they may start to smell bad, and accidents may occur. Whether you routinely clean or clean after an accident, you must make sure you use the most appropriate method for the type of cage you have. There are three types of the cage that dog owners often use. Remove toys, blankets, beds and any other object from the cage.

Clean toys if they have urine or feces, if they do not have, you do not need to clean them. Move the cage to the outside or to a ventilated room. Cleaning a metal dog crate can be disastrous, so the best place to clean it is outside the house. However, if you do not have that option, have a room with ceramic floors, such as the kitchen or bathroom. It should be a well-ventilated place so that the cage can dry without mold. Choose your cleaning solution.

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Dogs can tolerate most bleaches or cleaning solutions, as long as the cage is dry when they are used again. Ammonia, on the other hand, smells like urine and can cause urine in the box. If your dog had an accident, you will need to remove any solid stool residue before you can clean the rest of the cage. Wire metal dog crate usually have plastic trays in the bottom. Slide them out and clean them separately from the rest of the cage.