Making Dog Steps And Ramps

Oct 6th

Dog Steps And Ramps – It is often difficult for dog owners to look at their pet’s age, especially if the dog is getting trouble walking up or down the stairs. This difficulty can be from a large number of questions, but it can happen only because the dog is aging. In any case, the pet owner is confronted with finding a solution to enable pets to keep their mobility. Wooden dog ramps can eliminate the need for your dog to use stairs and is quite easy to build.


Measure from the upper lip of the Dog Steps And Ramps to the lower edge of the lower step. If you have a landing in the middle of the stairs, measure from the edge of the top step to landing; then measure from the lip across the landing to the lower edge of the lower step. Type the measurement (s) down. Add 4 inches to the measurement. This is how long plywood and rugs need to be.

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Cut the plywood with the saw to the required length. Cut the back of the carpets with a matte cutter or drawer knife to the required length. Set the carpet aside. If you want to connect two or more pieces of plywood together, proceed to the next step. Place the two plywood sections across the Dog Steps And Ramps so the ends of the board match the width of the plywood boards. Place plywood so that the short sides meet end to end. Match the pages. Screw several half-inch screws through plywood on the board using a zigzag pattern. Skip this step if you only need a plywood section per set of stairs.