Let’s Review Step By Step Invisible Fence for Dogs Installation

Oct 10th

Now that you are installing your fence, it is time to teach your dogs the proper responses to the electrical stimulation and sound produced by the receiver collar. Let’s review step by step what you have to do from the first day after you have installed your invisible fence for dogs. The first is the first. Make sure the receiver collar is fully charged (if rechargeable) or check the batteries if it works with them.

It is essential that the training collar is placed invisible fence for dogs in the correct place on the dog’s neck, just below the jaw. The receiver box and contact points should be located under the dog’s head, rather than behind his neck. The placement on the top (behind the neck) is a very common mistake that can cause your dog a lot of pain. Walk your pet in the pet area and make rounds following the perimeter flag marked.

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While holding the leash, when your dog enters the boundary invisible fence for dogs zone. The receiver collar will start to sound. Allow your pet to stay in the boundary zone for a maximum of 2 seconds. Then gently return to the no-correction zone, stopping whistling the collar. Congratulate your dog once it enters the pet area. Although we have had to help. And pull the leash to leave the correction area. Provide a treat to your dog as a reward.