Indoor Dog Ramp Ideas

Oct 5th

Indoor dog ramp – Stairs can be difficult for any dog ​​to master, although small or older dogs can have an especially difficult time going up and down. Dog ramps are a solution to help make it easier for your pet to navigate in your home. You can buy ramps at your local pet store, or you can save a few dollars and make a fully customized ramp at your canine companion’s house.

Decide the width of the indoor dog ramp depending on the size of your dog. Small breeds, such as Chihuahuas and Pomeranians, fit on a 12-inch wide ramp. Medium in large breeds such as Australian shepherds and Doberman pinschers will be more comfortable on a wide 24-inch ramp.

Indoor dog ramp, measure the appropriate width on the sheet of plywood and cut with a sharp saw to create a long 8-foot ramp base. Use the saw to cut a corresponding piece of board 2 by 4 inches. For example, if the ramp is 24 inches wide, measure and cut a 24-inch long piece of the board. This will serve as a foot off the ramp to avoid moving the dog walks on the ramp. Spread a thin layer of glue carpet over the surface of the plywood and cover the ramp with the carpet.

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