Ideal Design of Dog Stairs for Bed

Oct 4th

Dog stairs for bed – Nothing says more than the love for your pet to be hugged in your bed in the morning, however, small dogs sometimes have trouble jumping to the mattress and older can also find this difficult jump. To help your friend try to build a ladder for dogs and thus help him climb with comfort and style to share the morning hug. Measure the dimensions of all the pieces of the ladder minus those of the base.

Measure and mark the fabric with the dog stairs for bed panels to match each side including the surface of the steps. Add 1 to 2 inches to the measurements so you have a margin to sew the pieces. Cut the pieces of cloth and heat them to create a cover for each panel. Cover the steps of the ladder with the cloth. Then you can put the non-slip pads on the base.

Advice and warnings choose a soft, durable and washable fabric. Use Velcro to attach the ladder to the bed frame if you wish. This lightweight structure can be used to help pets get into vehicles or the cage but is designed only for small dogs, panels with foam core does not support the weight of large dogs. Prove that dog stairs for bed is safe before allowing your pet to use it.

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