How to Make Soft Dog Crates

Oct 5th

Soft Dog Crates provide a safe and comfortable place for your pet and keep them away from areas where restrictions. While dog cages are good for your pet, it is not necessary that you live with an ugly pet box. You can decorate your dog cage and end tables from it. You can use the end table as a decorative element for your home. This guide takes you through the steps to make an end table with your dog cage


Take measurements of your existing Soft Dog Crates. Take accurate measurements of height and width on all sides of the box as well as upper and lower surfaces. This is important because in the end the table you create should be wide enough to cover your dog cage from the top of the box. Determine the dimensions of your last table. The dimensions should be large enough to be spacious for the dog, but not too big for a closed table.

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Even the addition of 1 to 2 inches to each dimension of the Soft Dog Crates should be enough. Take extra care and use your own judgment about the addition of inches so it is safe for your dog and would aesthetically do well. Cut plywood using a saw for the sides and back of the side tables. Check that the height and width of the panels are comfortably larger than the box. Attach the sides and the backing to each other using hammer and nail. You now have a three-sided table.