How to Make DIY Dog Ramp

Oct 5th

DIY dog ramp allow disabled, elderly or small dogs to climb up raised areas. Dog owners often buy or build for their dogs so that dogs can climb up to the couch or bed to lie down. Draw a line from corner to corner on the 40-inch plywood and cut it in half with the circular saw so that it has two triangular pieces of equal size. You can use the straight edge to ensure that the line is straight. These are the parts on your dog ramp.

Position the sides of the DIY dog ramp so they are resting on their edges of 40 inches, parallel, 17 inches apart and so hypotenuses are aligned. Place five 17-inch boards perpendicular between the edges of the ramp so that their surfaces ½ inch 7 flush with the hypotenuses. Space 1 inch apart.

The screw through the sides of the DIY dog ramp and into the ends of the 17-inch boards. Use four screws for each board, two at each end. Adjust the last 17-inch perpendicular between the parts so it is on the edge of the board and flush with the edges of 20 inches. Then you screw through the sides of the ramp and into the 17-inch board with four screws.

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