How to Get Dog Peeing on Bed

Oct 7th

Dog peeing on bed – There are certain things that a person must accept before becoming a dog owner. One of these things is the overwhelming likelihood that at some point during the life of your dog you will urinate in bed. Unless you have a dog that is too small to reach a bed without help or is so well trained that you never get on the bed, you should prepare for the possibility. Some cleaning mattress tricks should keep your bed looking and a fresh smell, even through eventual accidents of your dog.

Dog peeing on bed, clear as much of the urine as possible. You will have the best luck eliminating the odor and urine stains from your mattress if you see the accident happening or you can clean it before you have time to completely absorb it in your bed. Place paper towels on the ground and climb on it to help apply pressure.

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Dog peeing on bed, mix a 50 percent solution of water and 50 percent white vinegar together in an empty jar. It is even better if you can pre-mix this solution and have it on hand, since time is the essence in saving your mattress. Pour enough of the vinegar and water solution over the urine stain to cover and saturate the stain. The vinegar will help neutralize the smell of urine.