How to Build Cat Tree House

Oct 5th

Cat tree house – Love cats and you need a place where you are allowed to use their claws. A tree house provides your cat with the physical activity it needs to stay healthy and enjoy its need to climb, stalk, stalk and investigate. Cat tree houses do not need to be expensive. Make use of natural branches and recycled remains of carpet to create a network of branches and platforms for your cats to enjoy.

Decide where you want to place your cat tree house. It is easier to build wherever you go, instead of trying to fight in your place after the events. Select a piece of wood with dimensions of at least one third the size of the crown of your cat tree or larger. For example, if your branches will extend 10 feet in diameter, your base should be at least 3 feet by 3 feet. This will prevent the tree from falling while it is in use.

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Select a thick tree branch about 4 inches in diameter from its main trunk. If you have branches, keep the larger ones, but cut the small branches. This makes it easier to fill in additional branches where you need them. Decide if your cat tree house will be tilted in a corner, upright, or permanently attached to the wall.