How Safe Is a Wireless Dog Fence

Oct 10th

Wireless dog breeds are cheap and easy to install. They consist of a small control box that you connect to a wall outlet. Wireless dog fence are not suitable for dogs weighing less than 15 pounds because the collar does not fit them properly. The wireless dog’s control unit will often move the border wall anywhere from three to five feet. They are also unreliable in correcting a dog. Sometimes giving a correction too late.

And sometimes continuing to correct even after the dog has returned to its assigned area. If a dog is particularly stubborn, they will not be cut off from hunting for something outside the border area. It is also the problem of dangerous animals entering a fenced dog’s territory. Since the wireless dog fence will not affect them and it leaves the dog on the grace of the nourishing animal.

A wireless dog fence is better suited for use in the short term, for example during vacation or while camping, although the dog should not be left unattended. An alternative to a wireless dog breed is an electrical cable system that is more reliable than the wireless system. The best solution would be to install traditional fences. As more and more residential property association’s block for aesthetic reasons.

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