Heavy Duty Dog Crate Ideas

Oct 4th

Heavy Duty Dog Crate is suitable for dogs who like to creep up asleep — they provide an encompassing sense of comfort for most small and medium dogs. If you feel around a sewing machine, you can create a nice monk bed for your friend’s friend. Use soft materials such as terry or fleece to make the bed extra comfortable. Even donut beds are suitable for most dogs; you should only make this kind of bed for a dog who likes to crawl, as it is quite restrictive.


Measure your pet to get an approximate size of Heavy Duty Dog Crate you need to make the pattern. Create a pattern of a large sheet of paper. The pattern is a basic oval shape, with two slits cut at each end of the oval. Make sure the dog can sit comfortably in the oval shape. Measure the perimeter of your oval to determine how much hose you need for the wall of the bed.

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Cut two oval pieces. An oval piece should be cut from terry and other oval pieces should be cut from cloth. These oval pieces will be the base of your Heavy Duty Dog Crate. Be sure to cut the hedges in each oval. Fold your towel in the middle, with the good sides facing outwards. Cut the towel length to fit the perimeter of your oval. The towel will form the hose around the bed. Fit pieces so that the terry oval sits on top of the table oval. Match the pipe seam with the slit on oval and pin the tube all the way around the ovals. Sew the edges of the tube to the oval pieces, work around the entire circumference. Make sure you leave a hole at the end to stop the tube.