Having Innovative Invisible Dog Fence

Oct 10th

Having an invisible dog fence keeps your dog from running away. And saves you from spending and obstructing sight of having a traditional type of fence.  For the radio frequency of your invisible dog fence marking the documentation that comes with your system. If you cannot find the frequency, simply take a portable AM ​​radio and look up the frequencies until you find the correct one. The correct frequency will sound like playing or ringing on the radio very fast.

Walk along the entire invisible dog fence with your AM radio tuned to the correct frequency. The reason why you should walk along the entire fence of the dog is so that a weak signal is not confused with any signal. Once you have walked the entire fence of the dog, the fall in radio frequency in the fence break will be obvious.

Carefully expose the underground wiring in the place (or places) where it is believed that your near the invisible dog fence has rest. Go slowly and do not cut or damage the cable farther during digging. Using a piece of wire, connect the two ends. You can do this by simply twisting each end of the broken wire to the side of the new wire and covering the connections with a waterproof cable connector.

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