Good Ideas of Tall Cat Tree

Oct 6th

Tall cat tree – Check out cat tree designs online, then look around your house. Now that you have an idea of what a cat tree looks like, you can decide on the materials you want to use. Buy your materials Use your design plan to determine what materials you will need. Plywood is very useful for building horizontal platforms, custom-made swan timber and cardboard or PVC pipes are very useful for vertical supports, while the carpet fabric is ideal for covering wood.

You may also need the following tools to build the tall cat tree, a drill and some wood screw. An electric stapler. A table saw and a hand saw. A hammer and nails. A knife for carpet or cutter. Wood glue or other powerful adhesive. If you want to create covered areas for your cat to lean on, you can also choose a form-work tube. These tough cardboard tubes can serve as platforms and tunnels for cats. You can also cut them lengthwise using a cutter to create concave platforms or beds without a roof for your cat.

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Cut all materials according to the appropriate measure. Cut all parts of plywood and swan wood according to the appropriate measure. Then build the base of the tree for cats.  And then for build tall cat tree, cover the base with carpet cloth. Before fastening any vertical support, it is advisable to cover the base with carpet cloth or a thick fabric for upholstery.