Find Best Electric Fence for Dogs

Oct 10th

If you ever have to repair a hole in an electric fence for dogs, it will be more complicated than patching a hole in a traditional fence. If the fence of the invisible dog is under warranty, you may be able to get the company to fix it without charges. If there is no warranty or you install yourself, you may have to pay to get the fence repair. Before making the service call, try this dog-invisible fence repair method.

Check that you have a fence break. The error indicator may be happening outside, but you should still do a quick test before proceeding. Remove the electric fence for dogs wires from the transmitter sockets. Using a small piece of wire, place each end on a separate transmitter plug. If the error indicator disappears, it means that there is a break somewhere in your invisible dog fence.

Buy an RF shock, a small device that will complete the circuit and allow your transmitter to emit the frequency. Take each of the electric fence for dogs – dog and wrap them around the RF shock cables. Place the end of the RF shock in the transmitter’s sockets. The circuit is completed and the transmitter will send the frequency, even though it has been broken.

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