Dog Crate Covers Personalize Custom

Oct 4th

Dog Crate Covers – Let your creativity flow Cover the kennel deck with fun fabrics or clever embellishments. Make it match the decoration of your room or reflect your personal style. Creating a cover for a pet’s cage or cage can be as simple as placing a sheet over the box to block disturbances. If you want a more personalized look, you can make a cover quickly and easily, and with supplies that you probably have around your house.

Measure your pet’s crate. Take measurements for all four sides of the box and the top. Includes measures for length and width. Choose a durable fabric that is not only durable. But also ties in with your home decor, and shows a bit of your pet’s personality. Get a piece of cloth large enough to dog crate covers the sides and top of your puppy’s cage.

Cut a piece of cloth for each section of your pet’s cage, a piece for the top and a piece for each side of the box. Add two inches of fabric to each piece for sewing. Sew the pieces of cloth to form a cover for your pet’s box. Use a needle and thread to sew them by hand, or a sewing machine to make it faster. You can embellish the dog crate covers with bows, sewn charms, like dog legs or bones and other items.

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