Dog Beds, What Materials?

Oct 10th

Everyone deserves and appreciates a good night’s sleep. And we all know the importance of resting a comfortable, soft and safe place. This also applies to your dog. And therefore a large selection of durable dog beds, dog toys, dog pillows and dog blankets in several price ranges. When furnishing interiors, owners of quadrupeds should think about where to make a dog bed. It is worth keeping the dog in the flat.

Dog bed, what materials? The material from which the dog beds will be made should not only be soft. And also pleasant to the touch (dog’s skin, though covered with hair, is actually more sensitive than human skin). But above all easy to keep clean and waterproof. It should also be resistant to scratches with claws. Dog owners praise the beds covered with a material called kodura. As well as the suedine material, which resembles a nap in touch.

The alcantara (or antara) is also quite popular. Equally important is the material from which the filling of the dog beds was made. It should be durable and resistant to deformation. Currently, most manufacturers use silicone balls for this. They are produced from high quality polyester fiber with a large admixture of silicone. To which we owe the elasticity and deformation of the dog bed.

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