Do It Yourself Real Tree Cat Tree Ideas

Oct 6th

Real Tree Cat Tree – Cat trees usually consist of carpet-wrapped wooden structures that allow an indoor cat to climb, scratch the nails and play. In general, these structures are made of 4 x 4 wood, remains of carpets and rope, and often are not the most attractive features of a room. A crafty person can return to a real tree that cats use and enjoy. And the tree will bring an organic, natural element into the room.

Select a large piece of driftwood weathered well. Very twisted in the size you want for your real tree cat tree. Choose a tree that is no longer dripping sap and one that is not housing mistakes. Clean your driftwood with a pressure wash brush and brush to remove any remaining residue. Allow the wood to dry completely. Cut insecure sections off with a sawed tree and pruning shears.

No part of the tree should reach a point, and there should be no jagged areas that can splinter. Determine the area of driftwood that will be the real tree cat tree base. Find the center of balance and mark along which you want to cut for a flat base. The tallest trees that are out of balance will tip over. Cut the waste wood off with a tree saw. Make sure that your base cut is flat and that the piece of driftwood to hold well to the support boards.

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