Building XL Dog Crate

Oct 4th

Xl Dog Crate – Mini taxis have elongated ridges that can cause a lot of stress and pain on the spine throughout their active years. Building a bed ramp itself is simple and can save hundreds of dollars compared to buying a ramp from a store.


Take measurements for the Xl Dog Crate using a standard tape measure. Measure from the top of the bed straight down to the floor. Select the ideal angle of the ramp, and with this angle, measure from the top of the bed to the floor. Measure and cut out the plywood base for the bottom of the ramp. This makes it easy for the dog to come on and off the bed. An ideal size would be 12 by 12 inches. Use a saw or chainsaw to cut wood.

Cut out a piece of rectangle plywood that is 12 inches wide and the length of the angled measurement performed in step 1. This will be your Xl Dog Crate. Cut out two triangular pieces of plywood, which will support the sides of the ramp. Use a tape measure and cut the plywood according to the measurement and angle you determined. Screw a metal holder under 12 with 12 base and ramp bit to connect two. Use four screws in each corner for support. The metal bracket will be half on the base and half on the ramp. Drill screws from the ramp to the inclined support pieces. Use five screws on each side. Fill the top of the screws and any wooden cracks with wooden threads. Wait a few minutes for wood drying.

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