Build a Cat Tree with Litter Box Ideas

Oct 6th

Cat Tree With Litter Box – Want to spoil your cat but don’t have the money to spend? Build a cat tree! It’s fun, simple and very cheap. The best of all, you get a special cat tree for a fraction of the price. Even before I brought my new kitten, I knew I wanted a cat tree for him. My friend has a special cat tower that is beautiful and her cat admires her.

But when he told me how much he had spent, I almost had a heart attack. There’s no way I can buy something like that. So I started shopping, there were a few in my local pet shop but it was shaky, one size one color was suitable for all business. Ugly and generic like that, it’s still not cheap. Because it’s so unstable I worry it won’t be safe.

Online I found some beautiful cat tree with litter box. They are everything I want for my baby. They come in hugs of various sizes, shapes and colors. But the cost is out of this world. Own delivery to this cat furniture is more than my budget will allow. Luckily when I was searching online, I found this site that has a DIY package of 11 cat tree plans. This makes me think.

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