Benefits of Owning a Modern Cat Tree

Oct 6th

Benefits of modern cat tree far reach. Cats, even though they sleep well, have lots of energy and can use more than 30 minutes of playing a day. Engaging them is very important and often frustrating when they refuse or get bored with one store that buys toys after another.

This is why I like cat condos or climbing towers. Cats are naturally attracted to the higher point of the house while sleeping and playing. Cat furniture provides an outlet for safety, relaxation, and agile energy bursts. Most modern cat tree is usually wrapped with high-quality carpets with sisal ropes throughout. I would recommend wood or PVC because the cardboard will quickly degrade with any activity.

Placing modern cat tree you near the window gives your cat entertainment and endless visual scents, and helps prevent boredom. When warm days approach you might catch your cat lying on one level of a cat tree, basking in the highest comfort. For older cats that have difficulty moving, shorter cat trees with beds may be a good choice. But don’t underestimate the desire of cats to climb and level up at any age, not to mention their physical benefits.

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